Combat Submission Wrestling (CSW)


Combat Submission Wrestling (CSW) is a reformulated Shoot wrestling curriculum as taught by Erik Paulson, world light heavyweight champion of Shooto. The curriculum is a blend of grappling techniques and concepts from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Freestyle, and Greco-Roman wrestling, with techniques and submissions from shoot wrestling, Judo, Sambo, and Catchascatchcan. 

The focus of the Arsenal’s Combat Submission Wrestling Program is for the students to master basic techniques and drills and flow from position to position. To escape each position and have both upper body and lower body submissions and striking options. This is accomplished through a progression of flow drills, techniques and unique training methods to build a strong and competitive MMA and Submission Wrestling game and for those who prefer, a complete program for self-defense.  

CSW can be learned in conjunction with any of the other stand up programs offered here at the Arsenal; Kenpo Karate, JKD, STX Kickboxing, Kali, or Fortress Fighting.

Our primary instructors are trained and certified by the founder of CSW, Erik Paulson.

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