Fortress Fighting System

Fortress Fighting Systems (FFS) is a practical and tactical discipline of self protection that includes joint locks, kicks, strikes, take downs, ground fighting, disarming techniques, and more.  The system takes from numerous “styles” of martial arts (Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Grappling, CSW, Kali, JKD, Hapkido, and many more).  The FFS is ever changing as the instructors continue their martial arts and fight training, they bring what they believe will benefit the students in their self-defense journey.

Our focus is to provide you with the ability to survive the initial assault and then immediately go on the offensive and overcome the assailant(s). This is accomplished by applying the sciences of combative situations (anatomy, physics, physiology, psychology and more).

The FFS program will provide you a safe and effective learning environment and utilizes the latest in “stress inoculation” training utilized by law enforcement and military training programs.

Classes – Tuesday and Thursday 6pm to 7pm



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