Women’s Only Classes

Come see why we are Tallahassee’s choice when it comes to self-defense outside the dojo!

These classes are taught by women for women.  DSC_0151

The Arsenal’s Women’s Only Class is taught by women for women.  This class is designed to introduce women who have an interest in defending themselves but little interest in the male dominated programs available in traditional martial art schools.

We have found, in most cases, women will avoid training simply due to the atmosphere of a male dominated program – a feeling of being judged at every corner by men who have little or no understanding of a woman’s true ability and capability.

This class will give you a very solid understanding and a strong ability to perform under stress by providing proven techniques based on the science and anatomy of fighting.

The goal is to provide you with the basic skills required to build confidence and competence when it comes to defending yourself.  As confidence and competence increase, so does the desire to move into a more traditional mixed gender class.

This program design has resulted in a roughly 90% transition rate from women’s only training into a mixed gender class – because the participants learned how capable they really were when it came to fighting (there is a reason why nature overwhelmingly chooses the female of most species to protect the young, because they are really good at it!).

You will have the opportunity to interact with men in this course in our redman drill (a male instructor will wear a protective suit and be a moving striking bag).

This program is a structured 8 weeks, meeting 1 hour a week.  Please call and check when the next course is being offered.

Come out and find your inner strength!

Our instructors have varied backgrounds in Law Enforcement, martial arts, and survivors of assaults.