About the School

The Arsenal Martial Arts & Self Defense Academy is not your typical martial arts facility.  Traditionally, the industry has taught self defense through the martial arts.  We believe that for today, we should teach the martial arts through a self-defense mind set.  There is a difference. Our program directors are police  and military trainers who have been in true self-defense situations – when someone intends to do you real harm, not “spar.”  This gives our instructors an insight and experience which is unsurpassed by many other schools in our area. DSC_0009

The facility is over 7,300 square feet,  almost 5,000 square feet of it is matted workout space.  We have his and her changing rooms and plenty of parking.  Come see us and find out what the new standard is in Martial Art facilities.

We are offering high quality training courses in Kenpo Karate, Fortress Fighting Systems , Judo, Kickboxing, Capoeira, boxing, and Ground Combatives.  These systems are not all taught by one “guru” of the school.

The Kenpo is being taught by Alan Swirsky who has been involved with Kenpo as a student and instructor for almost 15 years.  This is what he does and focuses on.   DSC_0010

The Judo program is headed up by Donald Trussel who has been teaching Judo in Leon county since 1969 (Leon County Judo Club).  He has coached 3 Judo Olympians – Ato Hand, Brian Olsen, and J. Stokesbury.  Judo is what he does.  Jeff Rigdon, one of Coach Trussell’s students will be running the Judo program.

The Fortress Fighting System (FFS) is headed up by Steve Sheridan.  His background and focus has been on finding practical and successful tactics and techniques for the men and women in law enforcement.  He has been doing this for almost 20 years and has been teaching self-defense outside of law enforcement for almost 30 years. Mr. Sheridan travels around the country attending numerous programs to continue to hone his skills and improve FFS

Brandon and Joyleigh Alkire head up the Capoeira program.  They have been involved in Capoeria for over 10 years teaching very youngDSC_0011 children (3 yoa) up through adults.

Our kickboxing program is shared by most of the instructors to give the students a wide range of experience and teaching methods all while maintaining the cardio aspects many look for in a kickboxing program.

Vergy Sheridan runs the women’s only programs and has a law enforcement background and is a black belt in the FFS course.