About the School

The facility is over 7,300 square feet,  almost 3500 square feet of it is matted workout space.  We have his and her changing rooms, a kids room, viewing area, and plenty of parking.  Come see us and find out what the new standard is in Martial Art facilities.

We are offering high quality training courses in Kenpo Karate, Filipino Martial Arts, Jeet Kune Do, Integrated Grappling Arts, Fitness Kickboxing.  These systems are not all taught by one “guru” of the school. Instructors with expertise in each system provide expert training.

What can training in the martial arts here at the Arsenal do for you and your family?

Taught correctly and regardless of style, martial arts are designed to instill proper core values such as Honor, Integrity, Courage, and Trust.  Here at Tallahassee Integrated Martial Arts we have these words displayed and defined in our school.  We help our young students understand Respect and what it really means.

While we are teaching how to kick and punch, we are also training for better self-discipline, focus, fitness, and most importantly; giving you the confidence in your competence to know you do not have to fight.

Our instructors receive continuing education and we meet regularly to accomplish this. This training covers a wide variety of concepts we believe are needed to properly instruct and include; proper stretching techniques, teaching methods, the physiological response to fight stress, CPR, and much more.

Due to the diversity of programs and instructors here at the Arsenal we are able to address the many facets of martial arts and self-defense training.  This diversity of personnel also provides different perspectives about martial arts and self-defense training as there is no system or style that is the “best.”  It is the practitioner who makes it work.

Come out and see who we are and what we do.  We will help you find what you are looking for when it comes to your martial arts and self-defense training goals – even if it means recommending another school if you are looking for a program we do not offer.

Train Safe, Train Smart, Train Hard