Jeet Kune Do (JKD)

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Jun Fan Gung Fu – Jeet Kune Do (JKD)

JKD is the concept or “system” created by the late Bruce Lee.  The core art or practice of JKD is Jun Fan Gung Fu.

Bruce Lee (founder) continued to develop in the martial arts and as a result what he was teaching was no longer, strictly speaking, Wing Chun; So he named what he was teaching Jun Fan Gung Fu.

Jun Fan Gung Fu is an actual system, with a structure, techniques, rank structure and progression. It is true to say that this technique “is Jun Fan” and that this technique “is not Jun Fan”. Many people misunderstand Jun Fan Gung Fu or try to go around this system of techniques to go straight to Jeet Kune Do. However, Sifu Inosanto states, “You must study Jun Fan Gung Fu to understand JKD (as Bruce Lee taught it).

Jeet Kune Do is a later evolution of Bruce Lee’s self-expression through the martial arts. It is much more comprehensive in scope and is generally referred to as JKD Concepts today. In JKD Lee suggests we use concepts such as intercepting the opponent as he prepares to attack. The concepts that are contained in JKD need physical examples which are found within the Jun Fan Gung Fu system. What confuses people is that the concepts Bruce Lee taught are contained in other systems as well. So many times a JKD instructor will teach a JKD concept from an art other than Jun Fan Gung Fu.

However, to study JKD as Bruce Lee intended, it requires the teachings of Jun Fan Gung Fu.

This is the JKD taught at the Arsenal by Tallahassee JKD-Eskrima/Kali-Silat Group.