Kids Programs


Capoeira (3 and up), Kenpo Karate (7 and up) and Fortress Fighting (13 and up).

Our kids programs are set up based upon age so children can get the most out of the program.  Very young children are still learning basic balance and movement skills but they need the ability to have more freedom in the way they learn. kids2

Capoeira, ages 3 and up, is a great way to start as it has elements of tumbling, gymnastics and martial arts all in a musical environment.  Capoeira also teaches second language skills and music skills all of which studies show are vital to the development of young children.

Kenpo Karate, ages 7 and up, continues the journey into balance and movement and adds the elements of striking, kicks and punches.  Karate requires a bit more focus so this is why the recommended starting age is higher.  Kenpo Karate also better reflects how children will interact at this age as well.  We are not saying we want our children to fight, but at this age they are likely to encounter someone who will try to hit them.  Kenpo Karate is a great way to learn to stop the strike and find their way out of the situation and is a blended system meaning it has aspects of many arts in its teachings.

Fortress Fighting, ages 13 and up, will continue the developmental journey by adding an understanding of blended energy and joint locks/manipulations.  Fortress Fighting requires a very high level of control and focus as we utilize joint locks/manipulations.  The learning platform is from grabs, which is an ideal learning option for young girls as they are now at an age where they are more likely to be grabbed than hit.  Fortress Fighting is also a blended system and has a greater focus on ground fighting as well.

All of these programs can be pursued through adult hood.  A child does not have to move from one style to another due to age.  However, for those children who “outgrow” certain passions, we have another option for them and the rest of the family.