Summer Safety Pt 2

Now that we are getting regular rain and all the plants and shrubs are growing, we need to stay on top of the yard work.  Believe it or not, how you landscape is a critical safety issue for your home. Some things to consider:  Many of us know about hedges and how they can be a hiding place.  However, most of us trim them from the top down, keeping them low (less than knee high).  While this does work to limit the ability to hide behind the hedge, don’t forget you can trim from the bottom up.  By doing this you can still get some shade and privacy while keeping the hedge from being a hiding place.  Another mistake we see often is the desire to put a set of large shrubs on either side of the front door.  Not a good idea as this offers a prime place for an ambush, no pun intended.   Avoid the big shrub(s) at the doorways.  Keep your yard debris well managed as a pile of yard trash left to sit not only can bring in unwanted pests, they also provide a great hiding place for the bad guys.

Until next week, Be Safe, and Be A.W.A.RE. tm