Why we Train

Recently we have had a rash of responses to some of our postings on combat breathing in regards to the need to learn to defend one’s self.  The posts have boiled down to “all you need is good situational awareness and then you do not need to fight.”  This can not be further from the truth!  Using the Cooper Color Code as a reference we need to be in the yellow spectrum to achieve situational awareness.  The problem is that this requires focus and after a bit will wear down the body – physically and mentally.  As such, we are not always able to be “aware.”  But even more pertinent than that, we train to be ready for the “1%.”  Those who no matter how aware you are, no matter how well you do all the things needed to avoid a confrontation, they are going to attack you.  This is why we train.  For those who think the public will come to your aid – you are sadly mistaken.  The video link is worth watching so we can understand the state of society today.  The video shows the complete inaction of citizens when a child is being actively abducted (TV show “what would you do?”).


So, for those who think it will never happen to “me” and who think a good Samaritan will come to your aid, you may want to rethink your position.

Until next time,

Be Safe and Stay A.W.A.R.E tm