Speed or Power ?

So what is more important, Speed or Power?  This question is posed very often and too often we jump to an answer of one or the other. If you can strike someone 30 times in a minute but have no power, have you accomplished anything?  If you can punch out a horse (Mongo – Blazing Saddles!) but the other person hits you first, have you accomplished anything?  The answer is more complicated than speed or power – the answer is speed, power AND target!

Any one of these by themselves is fairly easy to accomplish.  I can hit really fast if I do not need to have power or worry about where I am hitting.  I can hit something really hard (power) if I do not have to worry about speed and target and I can hit the target if I do not have to worry about speed or power.

When your life depends on it, you need to be able to hit your attacker faster, harder and in the right spot, period!

This is why we train, so we can put all three of these things together; so we can be fast, powerful and accurate.  One good strike beats 100, slow, weak, wild strikes every time.  Don’t get me wrong – I have seen plenty of “lucky” wild strikes end a fight.  The luck was in the fact that the person managed to be faster, with more power and hit the right spot without training.

Why take the chance – Train somewhere, in something.  Until next time

Stay Safe, Stay A.W.A.R.E. ™