Combat/Fight Breathing – Verbal Commands Pt. 2

We know we need to keep breathing at ALL times, not just under the stress of a confrontation.  We know that giving verbal commands is one good way to do this – keeps us breathing, limits tunnel vision, auditory exclusion, etc. and lets others know this is not a game they may be seeing or hearing.  The other reason for Verbal Commands as opposed to just “breathing” is that by giving commands, we are able to impact the psyche of the attacker – maybe.  Many attacks, especially against women are about control and having and keeping it!  Well, when we turn the table on the would be attacker – Controller – and fight back, we are taking away some of that control.  When we are also giving them orders/commands WHILE we fight, we are taking even more of their control away.  We are not saying this will end the encounter; we are saying that this is another layer in your ability to walk away from an attack.  Remember, there is no magic bullet, no magic strike, no magic words to overcome an attack.  The reality is the more we can use to defend ourselves, the better the odds for OUR success!!

So remember, don’t just BREATH, breath with a purpose!

Until next time – Be Safe and Be A.W.A.RE. tm